A Guide on When to Plan Your Trekking Trip to Nepal

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Are you thinking about planning the trip to the great Himalayas? Are you searching for the right time to plan your trip? Well, the answer is actually depending on your trip duration, tolerance for cold, heat, rain and expectation. In general, there is no best time for Nepal Trekking for everyone. Every Himalaya season has its own positive and negative. Upon knowing those things, choosing the right season to trek in Nepal becomes much easier. Use this handy guide to know more details about when to plan your Nepal trekking trip.

Best time to travel to Nepal

• Spring

If you love the warm temperature and blossoming flora, then spring (March to May) is the ideal season for Trekking in Nepal. Early springs usually tend to be bit chilly, and its mid-range temperature in the low elevation regions makes you enjoy a lot. During this season, go for trekking in region such as lower Annapurna is extremely pleasant. Spring is considered as one of the best seasons to climb and trek in the Himalaya region not only for warmer temperature but also vibrant landscape and blossoming wild flora. It is the best time to make your dream trekking destination of Everest base camp into reality.

• Summer

June to August is considered as the summer season, which brings the monsoon rain from late May to mid-September. Thus, trekking is not recommended this time. Usually, monsoon comes with uncomfortable conditions, considerable rain, and high temperatures. Most of the mountainous regions are covered in clouds, and the lower routes are muddy with a huge number of leaches. This climatic condition does not offer you better trekking experience. However, it is the best time to trek in the Ladakh and Indian Himalayan region. It gives you great chances to experience Tibetan culture and outstanding Himalayan scenery.

• Autumn

This season is considered as the best time to trek in Nepal. Most of the day in the autumn has fantastic trekking conditions. Since the dust and pollutions are cleared from the environment, you will enjoy crystal clear view of the Himalayan Mountains. Based on the intensity of the monsoon, mid-September is the best time to start the trekking journey. Usually, the weather is sunny and stable along with gorgeous views and clear skies. Annapurna Circuit, Everest base camp, and Kala Pattar trek is the best option to go with.
Apart from these seasons, winter is the best choice for trekkers who want to trek in less crowds and enjoy amazing views of mountains.

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