Explore Charming Attractions with Fuerteventura Holidays

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The second-largest of all the Canary Islands, Fuerteventura is located in the Atlantic Ocean and was declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 2009. It is about a hundred kilometres away from the coast of Africa. The landscapes of this island have diverse shades. You can find shades of red, saffron, and green while getting around on the island during your holiday. As it enjoys bright, sunny days for most parts of the year, you can also take in some warm rays of the sun on any of its charming beaches.

Your Fuerteventura holidays allow you to explore some of the popular attractions in this island destination. Among them is Corralejo Natural Park, which is located just outside the Corralejo town on the north-eastern coast. The park comprises an 11-kilometre-stretch of dunes touched by the crystal-clear, blue waters of the Atlantic. This stretch of golden sands was declared a natural park in 2002 and has been well-maintained by the authorities. It never gets too crowded owing to its enormous size even when various festivities are held on the beach area, such as musical concerts and the Fuerteventura Kite Festival. If you wish to enjoy some surfing, you can rent surfboards while on the beach.

Among the most majestic beaches you’ll get to visit on the island are La Concha and El Cotillo. The road that leads to La Concha Beach would also help you get to the El Cotillo Beach, which has been named after a small village in which it is located. Your trip to these beaches would also give you the chance to visit some interesting attractions, such as a fisherman’s museum called El Museo de la Pesca. You’ll have to pay a small entrance fee for entering this museum, but it gives you some valuable insights into the history of the El Cotillo village. Located next to this museum is a lighthouse built in the late 19th century, called the El Cotillo Lighthouse.

Before Puerto del Rosario and Antigua, Betancuria was the capital of Fuerteventura. This small town and municipality is located in the western region of the island and has been named after its founder known as Jean de Bethencourt. The French explorer had founded this town in the early 15th century along with the French knight, Gadifer de La Salle. Upon visiting this fabulous town, you can shop for some attractive handicrafts and souvenirs in one of the shops located in the town centre.

Don’t forget to visit a small coastal village called Ajuy, which is on the island’s western coast. From the centre of this village, you can head north on a small coastal road to get to some awe-inspiring caves. They were once the secret hiding places of the pirates and the rocky shores close to the caves was the spot where Jean de Bethencourt dropped the anchor when he arrived on the island. After exploring these caves, you can visit the Playa de Garcey Beach, where you’ll find the shipwreck of the famous ocean liner, SS America. It was wrecked as the ‘American Star’ on this beach in 1994.

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