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Marrakech is a North African country that has continued to fascinate numerous travellers. It is one of the imperial cities of Morocco and the fourth largest in the country. According to the historical sources, the region in which the city is situated has been inhabited since the Neolithic period by the Berber farmers. However, the city was founded officially by the cousin of the Almoravid king, Abu Bakr Ibn Umar in the 11th century. Most of the buildings and red walls that you’ll come across in the city during your sightseeing trips were built in the years that followed after its founding.

Your cheap holidays to Marrakech would give you the chance to visit the ‘medina’ or ‘old town’ of the city. It is characterised by narrow alleys that allow you to savour some fantastic colours, sounds, and scents as you begin exploring the neighbourhood. You’ll love taking a stroll through the maze of alleys, which also give you many opportunities to shop for some attractive souvenirs. The traditional markets in this part of Marrakech are called ‘souks’ and they have a range of items worth buying, such as shoes, perfumes, spices, and leather goods. You can visit the tanneries located to the west of the main souk area, where the tanning and dyeing are done in an old-fashioned manner even today.

One of the attractions you must never miss while getting around in the city is Jemaa el Fna. It is a large square located at the entrance to the old town and plays an important role in the lives of the locals. You’ll find many stalls at this square and some great entertainment provided by the local musicians, snake-charmers, and storytellers. If you do not wish to indulge in shopping or watching these performances, head to any of the rooftop cafes and restaurants located nearby. It would be a good idea to watch everything happening at the square from above.

Among the most famous landmarks of the city is the Koutoubia Mosque, which has an extremely tall minaret visible from all corners of Marrakech. According to the local legends, the man who called the faithful for prayer had to be blind during the days when it was first built. The reason for it was that the minaret overlooked the king’s harem owing to its unusual height. Built in the 12th century, this mosque is considered to be one of Almohad architecture’s greatest achievements. You can admire the mosque and its minaret from outside if you are a non-Muslim, as only Muslims are allowed inside the mosque.

The Saadian Tombs are also some of the interesting attractions you’ll get to visit while holidaying in the city. They date back to the 16th century and are home to several members of the Saadian dynasty. You’ll like the atmosphere where the mausoleums have been built. These tombs were all walled up by members of the Alaouite dynasty and were rediscovered much later in the early 20th century. The tombs built at this place are of the successors and closest relatives of the ruler, Al Mansour.

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