Luxury Service Apartments in Mumbai

By Author: Rashi Shetty
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The good old economic capital of India, Mumbai. Many would describe Mumbai more as a feeling than a city, the seven islands stitched together to form this one land of opportunities. Located alongside Maharashtra’s coast is the country’s most-populous city, and is undeniably one of the largest and most densely populated urban settlements across the globe. However, this island that offers opportunities often falls back at offering space. This leads to the population resorting to one of their only options that are to live in slums/ squatter, at times even illegally, these areas are often overcrowded and poorly maintained. Buildings and houses are largely owned by private companies, however, there is some relief offered by the government through publicly funded corporations or by private cooperatives with public funds. Housing usually falls short for anyone doesn’t earn a decent wage. In the past decade, the population of the city has shot up to 20,185,064 and experienced an explosion in growth over the past 20 years, the reason leaning towards migration from other regions in the country to seek jobs and a better lifestyle.
When visiting Mumbai, the main concern is looking for the perfect place to reside. Very few service apartments focus on making your stay as comfortable as it can get. Whether one visits for traveling, leisure, exploration, further education, business, etc. Finding the right apartment can be a task keeping in mind the factors like budget, location, travel convenience, spacious rooms, hygiene, Wi-Fi, etc. Pre-planning the budget can lend a helping hand to decide and cut costs wherever necessary and traveling with a larger group adds to this since the total cost can be further divided amongst them.
Corporate Hubs, Malls, Restaurants, and Entertainment Centres should usually be ideally located at proximity. Apartments like these only contribute to the comfortable stay of the guests and reduce the stress to keep looking for apartments that offer all the amenities. These apartments act as the perfect replacement for hotel rooms and is a successful emerging industry with scope to grow.
The key criteria that guests keep in mind before booking their stay at either a hotel or a serviced apartment are its value for price and quality service to maintain the consistency of the quality provided and building healthy consumer bonds. This ensures the guest’s future stay at the same service apartments in Mumbai. However, it is also the guests’ responsibility to not damage the goods, products, and equipment when they check-out of the apartment.

We here at HimNi service apartments provide most of our apartments in Mumbai on short term and long term basis.
In addition to that, we also offer a profusion of choices when it comes to luxury serviced apartments in Mumbai, it is one of the few service apartments that look after the needs and cater to all requirements of the guest. These apartments are fully furnished and loaded with amenities that include well-equipped modular kitchens, housekeeping, parking, living rooms, bedrooms, restrooms, and many more. We cater to guests across 85 cities with over 1000 apartments. Privacy and security of guests are of utmost priority and is not simply restricted to the serviced apartments in Mumbai.

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