Maldives Holidays Allow You to Visit Some Enchanting Places

By Author: Daisy Wilkinson
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Maldives is one of the most enchanting island destinations you’d like to spend your holidays in. When compared to other destinations around the world, it has plenty of white-sand beaches that are less crowded and some that are almost entirely secluded. This country is made up of more than a thousand islands, giving you plenty of opportunities to go island-hopping and discover serene stretches of white sands. During your holiday spent in this fascinating destination, you’ll also get to see an amazing variety in flora and fauna beneath the blue waters of the Indian Ocean.

The best time to enjoy your Maldives holidays is between November and April when the climate is extremely pleasant and warm. You’ll also have the benefit of lesser and infrequent rains, giving you the chance to indulge in some exciting activities outdoors. However, you’ll have to book your hotel stays several months in advance if you plan to visit during this time of the year, as it is a peak tourist season. If you want to have greater savings on your accommodation, visit during the low season between May and October; but, you’ll have to be prepared for heavy rains that occur in this season.

You can explore many charming places while holidaying in this fabulous island destination. Begin with Male, the capital of this island country, which is home to some interesting attractions like the Friday Mosque and Male Market. Just a short distance away from the capital is the island of Hulhumale. It is home to Velana International Airport, green neighbourhoods, and some planned walkways. If you’re looking for some gorgeous beaches set against the backdrop of green palms, visit the Maafushi Island. If you’re on a holiday with your spouse in Maldives, don’t miss the Veligandu Island.

While enjoying your holiday in this island nation, you’ll also get to enjoy some thrilling water sports. One of them is windsurfing, which can be arranged by the staff of the hotel or resort where you’ve booked your stay. You can also experience loads of fun while sailing in the crystal-clear blue waters of the ocean. It would also give you the chance to witness some gorgeous islands on the way. Even if you’re not an expert swimmer, you can explore the underwater flora and fauna with the help of snorkelling. Kite-surfing would also give you the right doses of thrills and is one of the best activities in this part of the world for adventure lovers.

During your holiday in this majestic island destination, you’ll also get to pamper your taste buds with some delectable treats from the Maldivian cuisine. Among them is a traditional dish called Garudhiya, which is an aromatic fish soup, prepared using fish, water, and salt. It is usually served with onions, rice, chilli, and fresh lime. You’ll also find Mas Huni quite delicious, as it comprises shredded and smoked Tuna, served with onions, lemon, and grated coconut. It is usually eaten as breakfast by the Maldivians. Other mouth-watering delicacies worth trying are Masroshi, Bis Keemiya, and Fried Yams.

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