Muktinath Helicopter Tour – Everything you need to know about it

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If you are a Hindu or a Buddist, then muktinath yatra
is perhaps one of those promising pilgrimage trips that you wish to plan for your family. However, the final climb is often too strenuous for their age to travel.
Since the introduction of the Muktinath Helicopter Tour, pilgrims have better access to this promising temple complex due to a more relaxed and much more faster and viable route from Katmandu.
Located at the height of 3800 meters, Muktinath Temple is of great importance to Hindus and Buddhists alike. The temple lies along the Annapurna Circuit Trek, and one can quickly check the nearby locations from Muktinath on arrival via Helicopter.
Besides the eternal burning flame of Muktinath temple, the beautiful Jwala Mai Temple and Gomba Samba are also explore-worthy. The Muktinath Lake is a pristine blue colored lake adjacent to the temple complex that enhances the beauty of the valley and the temple further. This lake is the source of water for the 108 Mukti Dhara or water spring all around the temple complex.
The Muktinath Helicopter tour generally begins and ends from either Pokhara or Kathmandu. Even though one might miss the beauty of the nature that one gets to see while trekking through the Annapurna Circuit, the bird’s-eye view of the Himalayan valley of Mount Everest from a Helicopter is unlike any other. The panoramic view from the Helicopter covers Manaslu Himalayan Range beside the Annapurna.
Significant highlights of Muktinath Helicopter Yatra
 Shorter to and fro travel time from Kathmandu and Pokhara to Muktinath Temple as the total time taken is merely 5 hrs instead of weeks taken while on the trek.
 Panoramic bird’s eye view of Begnas Tal, Rupa Tal, Fewa Tal, and Pokhara Valley among many other
 The spectacular view of the Mustang desert that cannot be seen in any other way.
 Up close picturesque shot of the Mount Manaslu, the 8th highest peak of the world.
 The view of the route taken by the ancient river Gandaki besides the aerial view of Jomsom and Kagbeni besides Muktinath Village.
 Exploring the ethereal beauty of Annapurna, Fishtail, Dhaulagiri, Tukuche Peak, Nilgiri peaks from the sky that cannot be seen on route foot trek through the Annapurna Circuit.
 Chance to take a holy dip and bathe under the 108 Muktidharas or one of the two sacred Kunda
 A chance to horse ride up to the Muktinath temple from the Helipad to worship Lord Vishnu
Why should one take the Muktinath Helicopter Yatra?
Muktinath is believed to be the god of Salvation according to Hindu Mythology.; Due to the ancient historical significance among both Hindus and Buddhists, the temple of Salvation, Muktinath is regarded as one of the prime holy spots to attain moksha or Salvation.
The uphill climb from Katmandu is often not a possible option for older adults with movement and other healthcare restrictions. That’s why the helicopter tour is a viable and much less strenuous option for them.
Where is the temple located, and how is it accessible from the Helipad?
Muktinath Temple is located at the laps of snowcapped mountains at Thorong-La pass at an altitude of 3710 meters above sea level in the Mustang district of Nepal.
The Helipad is located a few kilometers from the Muktinath Complex and is very easily accessible via several Horses and Yaks ready to piggyback one to the temple.
The Muktinath Tour package includes 5 or 6 seater Copters. The entire trip of 5 hrs can cost between 75,000 INR to 95,000 INR per person depending on the climate and seasonal demand.

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