Ten Ways to Capture the Essence of Life in Europe

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Ten Ways to Capture the Essence of Life in Europe

Europe is always held in high esteem as the arts and culture centre of the world. That being said and at times contested, here are some day-to-day things you can do on your Europe vacation to truly understand “la vie quotidienne”

Public Transport
There is no simpler joy than riding the multiple forms of public transport Europe has to offer. Discover the individuality of public transport, with efficient ticket systems, you can explore the countries through the underground, bus, tram and even regional trains! Take the metro to the…

City Centre
Most European cities have a City Centre. What once was the focal point of the city, is now saturated with tourists and souvenir shops. Do explore the shops and restaurants in city centres, but save your purchases until you…

Talk to the Locals
Do as the Romans do, decries the old adage. Polite enquiries to the locals, especially in their native language, will truly enrich your trip. Not to mention, uncover some hidden treasures away from the tourist traps, such as…

Grocery Shopping
Supermarkets are liminal spaces, often you have your own and know exactly where everything is placed. A trip to the local grocers will show you the country’s seasonal produce; sample some wares and perhaps even cook a farm fresh European meal!

Country Hopping
With handy rail passes and unrestricted border crossing, there is no reason to limit your Europe vacation to one country. Experience the magic of intercountry trains, buses and planes; spend a day at the Colosseum, night by the Seine!

Hostels are your Home
When all those museum entry fees wear your wallet down, hostels are affordable and prevalent everywhere. Tailor your hostel experience with dormitory style, three-in-one or women only rooms, notwithstanding your choice of hostel: party, utilitarian or student.

Walk without Maps
Find a spot for an authentic #wanderlust post by switching off your travel data plan and walking without direction or thought. You never know what you will find – funky graffiti, street musicians, pop art; and you can refine the art of…

Dog Spotting
Europe is a paradise for the dog lover, with paws around every corner. Your neck will hurt swivelling to stare at the dogs; big, small, fluffy, quiet or energetic galore! When they’re not leashed, in a stroller or bag, find them running about on the green – an ideal time for you to…

Sit in a Park
Whether you’re sitting on a bench, or on a blanket for a picnic, European parks are ideal for that much needed R&R. Take a break from the buildings and busy roads and breathe in clean air. And when you set out for your next plan, there’s always…

Church Bingo
A quirky game for all ages, add some cheer to your travel with Church Bingo! There is no end to churches and cathedrals in Europe, so assign squares with characteristics like height, colour, stained glass, and be ready to yell out Bingo!

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