The Biblical Sites to Visit in Jordan

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For about 2,000 years, a large number of these spots have been a constant spot of the journey for the ardent and inquisitive. This proceeds right up until today, with biblical tours to the spots where ‘The Greatest Story Ever Told’ happened.

A large number of the scriptural sites in Jordan are inside driving separation of Amman, making them impeccable day trip choices for Jordan biblical tour during your stay in the city. In this post, I will depict the encounters at the fundamental scriptural sites that you can visit while in the nation.

Mount Nebo

Mount Nebo, an unassuming slope found only 32 km southwest of Amman is the alleged site where Moses passed on to the other world. Supposedly, in the wake of controlling the people of Palestinian territory for a long time out of Egypt and the encompassing desert, God enabled them to enter the Promised Land. Nevertheless, God rebuffed Moses for questioning God when he struck a stone twice, from which a spring is said to have sprung, instead of once as God directed him to do as such. With the next to no empathy that God appears to have in the Old Testament, he allowed Moses to see the land that would turn into his kin’s however, not his own, before passing away. After having a view of the Promise Land from Mount Nebo, Moses dies, with his body covered someplace in the valley beneath, which no one knows.

Today the site, the most visited biblical sites in Jordan, offers a significant part of a similar view that God allowed Moses in this scriptural Story. The distinct peak offers unhindered perspectives into Palestinian territory. On a sunny morning, you can see Jerusalem, Jericho, Bethlehem, and other unbelievable urban areas from here. Sadly, if it is a dusty day, which means you could not see any of these urban communities, yet the scene before you will amaze you nonetheless. You may have heard this story read to you many occasions growing up as a child, so to see the spot that enlivened the story will be truly fascinating.

Bethany Beyond the Jordan

Bethany Beyond the Jordan is the place where the baptism of Jesus happened. It is here that John the Baptist submerged Jesus into the waters of the Jordan stream. Because of the political pressures that encompass the site, the region today is under strict security and checking of individuals happens before they enter the zone. Before entering the site, police will bring down your tag number and traveler data to guarantee everybody that enters the site leaves. The best way to visit the baptismal site is through a tour, which starts at the ticket office by the parking garage. Visits run each half-hour to hour, so make sure to join when you confer to hold yourself a spot. Transport will take you near the fundamental touring zone where the guide will disclose things to you en route. The way that prompts, the genuine baptismal site embraces the Jordan border with Palestinian territory, with it only a couple of meters away.


Machaerus may be a long shot of your preferred scriptural site that you intend to visit. The solitary gumdrop molded hill, confined with the Dead Sea from behind, is the place the remaining parts of Herod the Great’s Castle lie. It is some place on this ridge, among the numerous caverns that spot the slope that John the Baptist dies. Supposedly, John the Baptist denied Herod Antipas’ union with Herodias, who was already hitched to Herod’s sibling, who was yet alive. One night, after being entranced by his Salome’s dance, Herod guaranteed to allow her anything she wished. Looking for retribution, Herodias educated her girl to interest for John the Baptists head on a platter. Herod satisfied his little girl’s desire, having John slaughtered some place along the now friendless slope.

Umm Qais

The principle motivation to visit Umm Qais is to visit the dark stoned demolishes left by the Romans and Ottomans. The site is additionally acclaimed because of the way that it is one of two sites going after acknowledgment as to where Jesus threw out evil presences into pigs. In one of the most generally known scriptural stories, two evil presences who were having two people, importuned Jesus that if he somehow happened to cast them out, to send them into a close-by crowd of pigs. Jesus is said to have done this which, subsequent to throwing the evil presences out into the pigs, the swine continued to surge down the precarious bluff side and suffocate themselves in the close-by Sea of Galilee.


While, not a scriptural site itself, Madaba is home to the world’s most seasoned known guide of the Holy Land, offering significant understanding about the area. Going back to the year 560, the floor mosaic delineating the Holy Land is presently secured under the top of a progressively current eighteenth-century church. A great part of the guide has been lost with time, yet enough of it stays to get a lay of the land. The tiles that do remain are energetic in shading and are inexplicably all around safeguarded. Make certain to snap a photo of the map outside as there are no signs inside and the mosaic engravings are in Greek.

Notwithstanding the Church of St. George, the town of Madaba is home to incalculable different sites containing precious mosaics, numerous in by far superior condition that the one found at St. George. The most amazing being housed in the Madaba Archeological Park and Virgin Mary Church. After broad excavation, the outside exhibition hall houses some fine instances of Mosaics in Jordan, the most established going back to the first century. The greatest of the mosaics lie under the defensive rooftop, which covers a 6th-century Byzantine manor. The much-protected floor delineates scenes of topless Aphrodite punishing Eros with the four seasons spoke toward the edges of the room.

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