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Wherever and whenever you pay a visit especially to any African region, you need to know certain things to have a safe and amusing cruise. If you get a chance to explore the world then avail this chance wholly without a single missing. Do utter planning and exploration, for which you must be aware with some peculiar aspects of a certain land.
Tanzania is ranked to be one amongst the most visited tourist attractions. It has diversity of natural splendor as well as artificial beauty to offer you. Tanzania is a well-known country of Africa. Tanzania is famous for having world’s best parks offering safari, attracting many visitors. Tanzania has mysterious magnificence making you behold the sight of breathtaking scenes. Its Swahili culture and diverse wildlife would make you realize why Tanzania with cheap flights is worth to visit.
When to Go?
Visitors definitely are in search of an ideal time to discover the glory of a land which they are departing for. Keeping an eye on best season is a must-know thing since it may spoil your trip or twice the charm of your trip either. Season plays a detrimental role in grading you jaunt and matters a lot which hue of trip you want to make. So, must know about the best season of any activity which you would be indulging in to have a trip of your kind. Unlike northern places, the entire area of a city/country is not year-round destination so must check the timings and places to sightsee while departing and booking flights. Some of the most commonly things to do in Tanzania include climbing Kilimanjaro Treks, birdwatching and game safaris. If you are a nature lover and urge to make birdwatching a part of your jaunt then the best time for it is between October through April. Climbing can be made all around the year but it’s better to dodge rainy season which runs March thru end of May. Pick the season in accordance to your interests so you can truly relish your expedition.
What to Explore?
Every visitor wants to explore the place more and more where he/she arrives at. And while being on a visit, nobody thinks of wasting time as you wouldn’t get a chance to have a trip every coming day. Before departing, must search about the top-notch and must-see sites so your time wouldn’t get wasted there and you can discover all what you want with proper time management.
Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain with three volcanic cones, in Africa. The mountain endeavors you an amazing chance to elicit your thrilling nature. This heart-warming site will take your breath away as climbing the mountain is one of the most dangerous but on a flip most adventurous things to do in Tanzania.
Serengeti provides you a best place to observe wildlife in Tanzania and making you to acknowledge that animals’ living is not much more different than of humans. It’s famous for its huge lion population and large mammal and bird species.
Tarangire National Park is a beautiful park crossing the Tarangire River. A lovely scenery with diversity of trees, animal and bird species. This fabulous small park is a special place to observe elephants where your kids enjoy at peak.
Mount Mero is the second highest mountain of Tanzania and the fourth highest in Africa. A volcanic cone which is hard to climb but not like Mount Kilimanjaro.
Arusha national Park contains several spectacular views including slopes, summit, ash cone, the Momela Lakes, lush highland forests, and Ngurdoto Crater. A mesmerizing site where you truly have quality time.
What to Eat?
How a trip would be done without tasting the local cuisines of an area. And why to miss it when you get a chance to explore a place. Most of Tanzanian local diet includes starchy substances with a rich variety of vegetables, fruits, meat and milk. Tanzanian meals are served with plethora of colors and scrumptious flavors. Tanzania proffers you delicious fulfilling dining experience. Must try food while being in Tanzania are Ugali (the staple food), Chapatti (fried flatbread, very famous in Asia), Wali na Wazi (a creamy dessert), Nyama Choma (grilled beef), Ndizi Kaanga (fried green bananas), Chipsi Mayai (french-fries omelet). These are the most famous and like foods of both locals and visitors as well. And you must try these divine meals too.
What Currency is used?
Tanzanian Shilling is the currency used in Tanzania. Here, it’s important to mention that 1 pound is equivalent to 2789.865 Tanzanian shillings so must keep it in mind while putting money and must remember this not to be ripped by anyone in Tanzania.
Which Conveyance is to be used?
You have a vast choice how to travel and via which conveyance you like to travel. Take private conveyance or if you are going to travel with taxi driver then dodge taxis without a meter as the driver may cost you high charges and then you have to act upon it. It’s good to visit the sites with travel guides so you don’t have to worry about the conveyance as they arrange their own conveyance and offers you a wonderful visit with comfy ride.
Which Language is to be Spoken?
Intrinsically, Swahili is the official language but you can speak English as English is the widely spoken language in Tanzania.
How to Communicate?
Though it’s rather impossible to learn the language of a place which you are just visiting for a time being. But you must know some common terms to communicate with locals. At least learn and remember some words which help you to interact with the natives and enables you to convey to them in needy time.
Hello – Hujambo
Please – Tafadhali
Thank You – Asante
You’re Welcome – Karibu
Yes – Ndio
No – Hapana
Goodbye – Kwaheri
These are few words which may help you to at least call someone and making a good interaction.
How to Play on Tanzania Roads?
Doesn’t matter how much hurry in you are but never overspeed your cars and never enact the mistake overtaking other car whatsoever even it’s safe. Stick to the speed limits or else be prepared to pay fines mostly which are 30,000 shillings. And you have to pay on the spot. Policemen are littered across the roads in their white police uniforms sticking a hand out. Your safety is in your own hands. It’s better to wait than to pay and to be stopped in the middle of the road. You must have a knowledge about this so you can save yourself. Don’t try to bribe policemen by making statements like you would pay at the next police station or you don’t have money and if you try then be ready to be gotten off back.

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