Tips to get hired in mining camps

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There are lots of employment opportunities for people who wish to start working in the mining industry around Australia. Many mining camps are constantly on the lookout for skilled as well as unskilled workers. To find a suitable job there is much easier than many people think, if you are prepared to start with an entry level job.

Cleanskins an industry name for unskilled and untrained workers

There are hundreds of mine sites in every state of Australia, almost all medium to large mine sites are constantly on the lookout for unskilled workers, both men and women because of the constant demand for natural resources.

Many of these jobs may not be directly related to mining, but they allow you to start working on mine sites as cleaners, in areas of catering or transportation. Once you are on the site, the opportunities for finding other jobs within the industry are greatly enhanced

Be Prepared for a Change

Many mining camps and companies hire workers to fill the shortage of unskilled and semi-skilled labour and offer very good incentives to attract the right types of people such as high salaries, free food and accommodation packages.

This is a different lifestyle, but you can expect a salary of between $1,200 and $2,000 a week, this is an average of around $90,000 a year and all of your basic needs are taken care of.

Mining camps provide single accommodation that is equipped with shower and toilet many have a fridge and a small kitchenette, but all meals are served from the main kitchen and dining area that is open most of the time, depending on the shifts of the different workers


Depending on the remoteness of the mining camp there are various transportation options. Some provide a free bus service to and from the nearest town.

Some mining camps allow you to drive there in your own or a company vehicle. The more remote camps have an airstrip where the company flies its workers in at the start of their roster and home again at the end. Often these are for one month on and one month off, but different companies have different options


The basic requirements are to be able to pass the basic minimum safety and medical certification and many mining camps and employers also require a police clearance.All mining camps require you to pass a drug test and there are often random drug tests at the mining camps for safety reasons.

The main requirement is for workers to be honest and commit to working long hours during their roster (usually 12 hour shifts) and forego the luxury of going home at the end of each shift

Most mining companies encourage you to seek career advancement opportunities as you gain experience, with many getting their first pay increase after 3 months.

The mining companies will give you training in safety and the operation of any equipment you will need to operate.

Mining camps hire the full range of workers from unskilled to highly qualified and trained personnel and offer very good wages and living conditions for their workers. You need to pass medical, drug and safety certificates and be prepared to accept the mining camp and company rules

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